Science Park High Schoolmicroscope photo

The Science Park High School was a major project of UHSTP. Plans for the school were developed in conjunction with the Newark Public Schools and the State of New Jersey. The School, completed in 2005, is a magnet high school with approximately 850 students in grades 7-9. The mission of Science Park High School is to encourage and prepare its students for study and lifelong contributions in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The school's ratings in the area of student performance, college and career readiness and graduation and post-secondary performance is rated very high by the state of New Jersey.

The state of the art building was designed by EYP. It was designed as an “Academic Village” that encourages interdisciplinary learning. Student home bases cluster around labs and studios while the building and its grounds demonstrate sustainable engineering and design. The media center and recreational facilities serve both the students and the community.